Thông diệp của chủ tích HDTQ

Lady and gentlement,

As a Vietnamese proverb says "Rich for you, for your wife", we sincerely thank you, our Customers, Partners and Investors, for over a quarter of a century of hardships. We have such outstanding development today thanks to your cooperation.

Since 1990 up to now, along with your enthusiastic cooperation, Ha Do Group has gradually grown steadily. From its predecessor as Ha Do construction company, up to now, Ha Do has grown to become an investment and energy corporation. With 14 member companies operating professionally in each field, Ha Do Group always achieves success in all projects and projects and is trusted and highly appreciated by customers, partners and investors.

We are proud of the excellent staff, many ideas and extremely creative, along with the youthful, strong, always for customers with the slogan "Customer - the origin of all creativity". Besides, we always pay attention to environmental protection and develop green, friendly, energy-saving architecture; renewable energy development; always committed to fulfilling social responsibility; always strive for an advanced governance. Because of that, we have a strong, stable, solid development and always "Shine everywhere, reach new heights".

With the view of expanding cooperation towards the future, we always welcome partners, investors, potential customers to share with us promising investment and business opportunities. Your support and cooperation are the prerequisites for our success!

Chairman of the board
David Chinh Truong

Chairman's message